Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 34: Equilox?

First thing this morning, I head to yoga. The beautiful Swedish yoga teacher says yesterday was Equilox in the Bay Area, and a half moon no less. She then explains that Equinox is a general average of when night and day are 12 hours each, but depending on where you live, the real 12/12 night/day varies, and the actual day in your region that this happens is called Equilox. Somehow, it sounds wrong, but I still think it is rather cool. Is this physically right that each location has a different Equilox? I think so, but then again, astronomy was never my strong suit. Tonight, I google Equilox, but the word does not exist. I imagine my beautiful Swedish yoga teacher laughing her head off at me with a glass of wine in her hand.

I am invited to a baby shower for friends who are expecting twins. All the baby gifts remind me vaguely about my children when they were babies. I pick my baby up from a sleepover this morning, and her friend's mom looks at her children's baby photos and comments on how she misses that stage, but she was always so tired then to enjoy them. How true that is! I remember nights when I was heavily pregnant with one, and cradling another to sleep, while shedding puddles of tears from exhaustion. I also remember pretending not to hear the babies cry for milk, waiting for my husband to wake up, but usually giving up after 2 minutes. On one particular night, I "accidentally" kicked my husband in my sleep, and was relieved to see action take place. Those were the days of endurance, exhuberance and exhaustion. With the help of time, those days now invoke nostalgia. I hope my friends will love every moment of it.

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  1. I don't think that the word Equilox exists but your yoga teacher gets a D for trying.