Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 13: Tutankhamun

Everyone knows about King Tut, the boy king. For those that fall into the rare bucket of NOT everyone, "(King Tut, Tut) He lived on the Nile. (King Tut, Tut) He ate a crocodile." Anyway, he is famous because of Howard Carter and his expedition on behalf of Lord Carnavon and the CURSES. Why, you may think, am I rambling about a 16-year-old adolescent that lived and died thousands of year ago? It all has to do with lunch. My younger daughter, Camille, says that Hatshepsut, who was actually a woman pharaoh who reigned 3,500 years or so ago, wore men's clothing and donned a beard to gain respect. Now, that is what I call sexist!

I too, have encountered women who don a masculine persona in the work place, and have never figured out how they manage to reconcile it within themselves. As the beautiful Swedish yoga teacher this morning says, "You must not sell your soul." I for one, am perfectly happy being myself. My shoulder-padded suits from the '80s are now as ancient and gone as Hatty herself.

A long time ago, I worked on a trading floor with 200 men and 10 women - of the women, half were extremely young and beautiful, and the other half were neither, but had wonderful brains. One of my brainy women colleagues forgot her medicine one day and asked whether anyone had Prozac to spare. The number of hands that shot up in the air to offer a tablet was impressive. My yoga session this morning reminded me of this incident.

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