Saturday, April 24, 2010


The sun rises from the east, blinding me from the left as I type from my perch up on the hill. Charlie comes upstairs and touches his nose to my yoga pants, then takes his position on the rug, facing the world to protect me from big bad wolves.

April has progressed in a flurry of mundane errands that have to be taken care of by someone. I find comfort in the fact that I am actually quite competent in taking care of mundane errands. My husband's grandmother once told me that she would have loved to manage the operations of a hotel - so complex, so demanding in logistics, and so powerful. "I love to boss people around" were her words... Unlike my grandmother-in-law, I don't particularly like to handle logistics. I would prefer to be waited upon by someone else. Life's irony shows its taunting face again.

In an hour, I will need to be in full throttle again, chauffeuring kids here and there, ravaging Costco, cooking lunch, dealing with my extended staff, sneaking a glass of wine periodically, and enjoying the gorgeous weather. For now, the birds are chirping, the sun continues to rise, my cafe au lait with a dash of Nesquik tastes superb, and life is calm. I have learned to enjoy the little things in life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back again

By popular demand (3 people to be exact), I am back to writing this blog. 20 years and 3 hours ago, I gave birth to the first of five wonderful people. Back then, in Japan, there was no Epidural, and so I suffered through the night and into the early morning with a difficult delivery. If you have ever tried to squeeze the last out of your tooth paste, or if you have ever tried to suction something out, or pry a stubborn object out of tight quarters with forceps, you will know how hard it was. The child who is now a marvelous young man, came to this world with an elongated head looking quite like a frozen yogurt on a cone. Within 12 hours, he was looking very adorable, and has been ever since.

In any event, I have been pottering around, looking for meaning of life and such...and still looking.