Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 8: Side Effect

This morning, I go for a fun session with three friends. We start off with a whole body massage, and move straight into lunch. All three of my friends are accomplished professionals in various sectors. Listening to them talk about work makes me jealous. Not because I want their jobs, but because of how they describe how they enjoyed their work so much. I am now convinced that I too need to create that dream job for myself. Renewing my vows to find THE dream, I scoop up grocery (for dreams cannot interfere with feeding one's family), and head home. Driving in my wonder car (for that is what it is), I imagine how it would be when I attain that dream job. In a distant corner of my brain, I register the sound of sirens. Sirens... I wonder which poor grandma they caught today. I glance at my rear view mirror. Oh, no! I pull to the curb, and don my innocent little lady look. "Hello. Did I do something wrong?", I say. "Ma'am, you just drove through a stop sign.", says Officer Muscle Brain No Humor. "I did? I am SO sorry. I didn't even notice it." I pour 100% charm into every cell in my body, while secretly wondering why it matters whether I go at 2 miles per hour or zero miles per hour. My efforts are wasted. I now have my first ever traffic ticket. The moral of this story is: life goes on while one dreams. Beware of stop signs. I wonder if this ticket is a valid business expense.

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