Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 31: Shower

I am ashamed to announce that I didn't take a shower today. I didn't mean this to happen. First, I was going to swim a few laps in the morning after things got under control. Then, I was going to go to yoga to meditate and become a better person at the same time (after which, I would have taken a shower). But, things didn't get under control, at all, at all. This morning, paradise was enveloped in fog, and we all woke up late. Camille didn't walk Charlie, so I did. Then my friend in Tokyo who sleeps 4 hours a day, emails me to remind me about an overdue presentation. I have totally forgotten about this. I speak to my husband in Biot (I dare you to find out where this is - it is my PARADISE ULTIMATE) , who has brought yoga to remote areas - and since Maria, our housekeeper has SEEN him, it is safe to assume that he is the "talk" of all of Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Saint Paul, Vence - and before you know it, it's lunch time. I wolf down some protein, fat and carbohydrate.

Then, I jump into my batmobile and drive north to Costco. For a big family with kids who eat more than Bengal tigers, Costco is "it". My batmobile struggles. Eventually, we make it back to paradise. I chat with my friend in Tokyo who slept 3 hours and 59 minutes. As we discuss the art of throwing plate after plate of spaghetti on the wall, my son calls for a ride home from violin. Hampered by the police car, hot on its trail for the ax murderer, I manage to swoop him (my son, not the murderer) up, rush to the market for zucchini and eggplants for my ratatouille, and then check the chicken in the oven, and call the tribe to the table. My son #3 has fallen by the wayside for the spelling bee contest. He did not spell "acetylene = a colorless, poisonous, highly flammable gaseous hydrocarbon" correctly. I also find that Aya's experiment at the creek last night failed as well. Julien kept on talking loudly while throwing pebbles into the water, and the birds flew away. I tackle this blog with "Sweet, Sweet Smile" (the Carpenters) in the background while my two babies sing with me. As you can see, there is no time for a shower. But, if my parents-in-law in Paris are tuning in, I know that my better half will come back with a bottle of Mademoiselle Coco (as in Chanel). Just in case, I take a shower tonight.

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  1. For me I always try to put of the dreaded shower until the latest.