Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 9: It's Okay

Despite my unannounced rule of not spending the day taking care of the house (for this is a major time pit), I do just that this morning. I find myself scrubbing the kitchen floor because of a comment someone made that it was looking kind of dirty. This is a slippery slope. The other day, my son missed the school bus home from school, and called looking for a ride home. The following day, my daughter calls from the bottom of the hill, saying it's really hot, can you come pick me up. It is so easy to say "Yes." But, I say "No." The life of a mother and wife is very busy. Once you give in to a little bit here, a little bit there, there is no stopping the avalanche. Before you know it, the day will have gone by running little errands for everyone. So, I steel myself. I make a goal of not spending more than a couple of hours a day for the "housewife" chores.

Today, I also splurge on a brand new little black notebook, to record what I do everyday for my new business lines. My little black notebooks have been my partner in crime for years. I sure hope this little black notebook does not end up being form over substance.

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