Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 14: Pushing the envelope

Yesterday, I wrote that I am perfectly happy being myself. This is true now, but this statement would have been stretching reality not too long ago. At lunch last week, we were debating society and how we are responsible for shaping it. One school of thought was to be open about the difficulties of balancing life and a career, and the more we are open about it, the more we can change the situation for the better. As my friend put it, "Everyone else has a wife that does the laundry. Since I don't have one, I have to do it myself, and I am not going to pretend it's not difficult."

While working my way up the career highway in New York, I had three babies. I was desperate not to be seen as being on the "mommy track". I gained 35% of my normal weight each time and looked like a melon, ate super-sized MacMeals, but pretended nothing was out of the ordinary. I marvel at my colleagues' ability to go with the flow - oh, she's just very, very hungry...

I don't know the right answer for re-shaping society. All I know is that it's not easy either way.

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