Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 24: OK, one at a time!

Did I tell you that I am trying to launch not one new business, but a handful of new businesses? English is such a visual language. I am throwing a plate of spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.
Which makes me quite schizophrenic at times. This morning, I am talking to a friend in Tokyo, when my son comes to me for a ride to the bus stop so his green onion plant doesn't get damaged. I rush back home, load the dishwasher and boil water for my tea, while dragging the vacuum cleaner out, and blowing my nose. The phone rings again. This time, it is my husband calling from Lugano. I chat while responding to emails about my insurance and China, and traveling to Paris and education and rollover IRA and AGHHHHH! "OK", I tell myself. "One at a time."

Most people who meet me think I am a very calm person (which still surprises me). Yesterday, I put the oven on "self-clean" and then forget about it, until the alarm goes off at ear-piercing pitch. I run circles around my house visualizing the sprinkler going off, and then what am I going to do?! Charlie looks puzzled as he follows me around. Finally, I get the thing to stop.

I remember a long time ago, getting a call from a friend who was staying at my house in France. The alarm had gone off - I could hear it in the background as she calls urgently pleading for the code to stop it from shrieking. As I wonder aloud whether the code was this or that, my usually polite friend yells into my left ear from thousands of miles away, "GET YOUR HUSBAND ON THE PHONE!" My basic instinct yesterday was also to get my husband on the phone. But what can he do from Switzerland? I reason through my panic. I boldly step up to the alarm plate, punch in the code (which I remember), and then call the alarm company to tell them it's OK, and please don't set the sprinkler on. I hear my voice verge on hysteria, but I persevere. Such are the adventures you are missing out on, sitting in your cubicles at work as you read this. Next time you see me, I may not look as calm as before, but I'll certainly be stronger.

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