Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 33: Exhaustion

I wake up at sunrise, thanks to my dear friend who manages on 6 hours of sleep. I look like my kids the morning after a slumber party, only much older. My head weighs a ton. I realize I didn't eat anything last night, and drank too much. I crawl into the steam shower, power myself up with coffee, and walk the hills with Charlie in tow. We clean the house and head out for lunch - by this time, I am so exhausted that all I can think about is a nap. Which is exactly what I do as soon as we get home. I wake up and deal with the revolving doors of kids coming and going. Two of my kids are going to separate sleepovers with friends, while one is having friends over for sleepover. That leaves the baby of the family and me to eat leftovers, while reading cards for each other. The crickets are singing in the warm night air outside. Just about now, I am really looking forward to my husband coming home.

Several friends tell me I should read the book or watch the movie Julie & Julia, as there are parallels that can be drawn with my experience now. I wonder whether my friends draw the parallel in drinking lots of wine, but apparently it has to do with the pains, joys and learnings of starting something new with or without partners. I will have to read the book.

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  1. I have days like that when I go about my day half-heartedly and then trudge to my bed and collapse.