Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 23: Nose

Whatever three things you listed as answers to my question yesterday, are supposedly the three things that are most important to YOU in life. Cogitate that!

Yesterday morning (I am writing a day late), I woke up with a heavy head, and immediately try to recall how many glasses of wine I had the night before. By 9 in the morning, I realize that this is not a hangover, but a good old cold. All day, I sniffle around. I work on a presentation with a box of tissues next to my keyboard. I look at Charlie, who is now constantly at my side, like a faithful shadow. When he sniffs, his whole nose twitches in the most interesting manner. I figure his nose is an inside out version of human noses. I sure hope I won't have to see him when he has a nose cold.

I once met a nose. A nose is a professional who blends scents together to make perfumes. Noses must be careful not to catch a cold. I once knew a pianist who would not do any housekeeping, so as not to injure to her hands. All the different professions that exist today! I wonder if there is a profession that requires you not to work so as not to overwork your brain.

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