Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 27: Embodiment

I am slightly baffled at myself. In this day and age of high unemployment and financial uncertainty, one would think that I would feel anxious about my prospects. Before plunging into entrepreneurship, a voice of rational thinking would tell me that I might be better off with the evil I know, than the evil I don't know. And yet, I yearned for the unknown. Now that I am on my own, I am surprised at how happy I am. It seems to show. I was invited to a wonderful patio dinner party with neighbors. Introvert that I am, I usually need to rally myself to attend these events. Yet, yesterday I enjoyed it immensely. I changed outfits several times, before my exasperated son begs, "Please Mommy, you look fine. Just don't change again." I hitchhike the half block to our neighbors', riding next to my friend who offered me the wine-filled IV bag a while ago (for details, see Day12:Sniff). I speak with many new acquaintances and totally enjoy myself. Somebody even commented on the fact that he feels excitement in the atmosphere around me. As I chat about the things that I am up to, his wife comments on how we should all DREAM ON and have passion in life! I now know that I have embodied my dream.

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