Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 29: Friends

This morning at 11:15, my gracious neighbors and I head down for a walk downhill. I have seen Dave on his walks before, and have wondered how he manages to walk as the crow flies. The secret is now revealed. 50 years of living up high on the hills has empowered him with goat-like knowledge of linear deduction. Before we know it, we are sitting at the edge of paradise, overlooking the ocean while sipping our ice tea and lemonades. One of the joys of being an entrepreneur is that I have more time to enjoy the essence of life, such as enjoying the company of great neighbors.

This afternoon, my partners and I re-group for an extremely productive session. As it so happens, we are friends first, business partners secondarily. This brings the stakes higher. While I might be willing to part ways with business partners, I would hate to part ways with friends. As kinks develop, we iron them out as quickly as possible. It requires inordinate portions of compassion, intellect and integrity to do this. Great continuing education for a lifelong student. Afterall, I would much prefer friends celebrating my life when the time comes, than business acquaintances feeling obligated to attend.

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  1. Never do buisness with friends is an old saying to be followed not that I'm saying that something bad is going to happen to your friendship.