Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 24- part 2: Comfort Food

It must be the cold that is getting to my head. I feel the urge to strike a conversation about comfort food. When you were a kid and had a cold, what did your mom or dad or dog feed you to make you feel better? My mom made me rice with boiled eggs and spinach mixed in with rice accompanied by Seven Up, just about the only time I got to drink soda. My friend from Minnesota tells me he got cold pizza with Coke. I can only imagine, but do the Irish get potato, the Belgians moule frites, the Hungarians goulash, and the Koreans bibimbop?

For lunch, I make my mom's recipe and substitute Seven Up with Savignon Blanc. Immediately, I feel so much better. I skip up the stairs, roll into bed with a book in hand, and promptly fall asleep. I wake in the afternoon as my daughter hollers, "Mommy, are you home?" Just for safe measure, I stay in bed for another 30 minutes and then go downstairs. My nose is now almost functioning. I can smell things. I have a friend who smells diseases, and I am pretty sure I am down to "yellow" on her alert system. I wonder if I would have recovered so quickly on cold pizza....

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