Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 17: 80/20

It is common knowledge that Charlie is one of laziest dogs to have walked the face of the Earth. When he was a puppy, he would not go on walks. He had to be carried around in my children's arms. Now that he is 70 lbs, this is not possible, but he still does not thrive on walks. Many mornings, he will look back at me mournfully as he is led off. Charlie is one of the only dogs known to mankind to eat his food lying down. "Why stand when you can lie down?" summarizes his approach to life. He can be found in the middle of the night, snoring on a leather couch with his head on a pillow. He is the master of doing 80% of the work with 20% of the effort. In the morning, when I rise and open my bedroom door, Charlie is posted right there, faithfully guarding me from wolves. As he performs his first down dog of the day, he is content in the belief that I trust he has saved my life yet again.

Much as I would like to find myself lounging in my sunlit parlor, sipping my flute of mimosa, listening to Chopin and doing close to nothing while raking in millions, this is not yet the case. I have been working on various business ideas with friends from all over the world. My productive work hours have skyrocketed. I have even started sleeping less! This is the biggest sacrifice for me. I don't watch TV. For me, sleep is my entertainment. A well respected medical doctor wrote a book on how the left brain inhibits the right brain from intuitively knowing many things. When I dream, there is no inhibition. I am impressed with my French, my maths, my story plots, my business finesse, and my musical talent. For me to forgo my entertainment is a major sacrifice. I aspire to be like Charlie one day. 80% of the work done with 20% of effort.

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