Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 65: Kids

The Bay Bridge is still down. Traffic is bad, so I decide to stay in my village as much as possible. But, on the main boulevard, traffic is stalled. The local school K ~ 2nd grade is off to their Halloween parade. I see fairies, and ninjas, witches and oversized Poohs and Tiggers (over-zealous parents) cross the street, all 500 or so of them.... By the time the cars start moving, I am so into the parade, that I don't really want to go.

This afternoon, I help carve a jack-o-lantern complete with a third eye - totally Marin.The original theme was to have a gigantic pumpkin swallow up reluctant tiny pumpkins, but mercy got in the way, and now big and small are smiling next to each other. We roast the pumpkin seeds and munch. The third eye reminds me of this morning's yoga. My yoga teacher probably watched Jane Fonda's aerobics last night. I empathize with the lady who sticks her neck out of the window mid-way and heaves oxygen in and out.

Two of our kids are out and about this evening, and with one in college already, that leaves two at the table. In four years, two more will be off to college and the house will be like this every day. Sad. I wonder if it's harder to be an empty nester if you start off with more kids than average.

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