Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 52: Zing

My neighbor and friend visits for a drink, but is slightly wary. His image of me as the smooth and calm neighbor is distorted by images from this blog. My former colleague and friend chats with me and says, I am not showing enough of my color, the "sting" and zing that is my trademark. Too little or too much?

I read that some idiotic throwback in Louisiana is refusing to marry mixed race couples, because 'the children will not be accepted in their parents' community'. All I can say is that this one-cell amoeba better check the gene pools of the president of the United States of America, to whom he probably kinda sorta has a dotted line.

We are here on Earth for a limited time together, like it or not. We may as well accept each other and try to enjoy each other's company. Who is this atrocious ape to pass judgment on what is acceptable? Didn't he learn about rules when he took his role in justice? Didn't he take elementary biology that diversity is good, and too much of the same can produce adverse consequences? This king of idiots needs to be spanked a few times and have his brain muscle checked out for the existence of synapsis. Now is this too little or too much?


  1. lol.... we should go cleanse the gene pool :P

  2. Now, this is the type of commentary I was talking about!:)