Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 48: Storm front

There is a storm front hitting us just now. It is the same storm that used to be a typhoon in Japan last week. Growing up in Japan, the typhoon season was always exciting. People would talk about the imminent typhoon and board up their houses, while we would hope that school would close. The day after, you would see roof tiles cracked on the street below with their goblin faces looking straight at you. The same sense of excitement is in the air this evening. The bay looks more active than usual, the plants look as if they are ready to receive all the rain that the skies are willing to give.

Today, I go to school to volunteer as a solar oven cook. I wonder if the event is on, since I see very little of my friend Ra. But then, I re-think. Solar ovens should work in overcast conditions. In fact, my Irish friend explained to me just last week, that solar panels work better when it's not too sunny. I find that I am wrong. So, I head home and detour at the pool for a few laps. As I finish, my husband calls to see if I feel like lunch, which I do. We find free parking and have a nice lunch. Around 2, I decide that the house needs cleaning and spend an hour of aerobics with my faithful vacuum cleaner. The kids trickle home, the winds pick up and we see activity in the skies. All the boats seem to have moored themselves securely. We have brought the outdoor chairs in, but now the rain has stopped, and I finally see blue skies.

I think I might be a primitive form of life. As the blue skies show, I feel my spirits lifting. All the melancholic thoughts are evaporating. I feel that life is full of opportunities again.

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