Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 45: Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are doing loops in front of my house over the bay! Meanwhile Berlusconi is angry that he is not granted immunity for all the "interesting things" he is accused of doing, and the 85-year-old son of Brooke Astor is convicted of stealing from his late mom. This world is full of the awesome and the mundane.

I take full advantage of my "retirement", as my son puts it, and go to yoga in the morning, then proceed to engage in an afternoon of cooking a nice coq au vin with a great bottle of cabernet called "Kick Ass". This is going to be a good dinner.

Mornings of hikes and lunches with friends have given me inspiration for yet another business. The strange thing is that the idea came while I was becoming a human tripod on the mat wondering about discussions with friends and myself. Who said you had to be at your desk for great things to happen?

Dinner comes. Good friends, neighbors, and family try my coq au vin, and find it acceptable. Bottles of wine, great desserts, and great conversations carry the evening into the night. Tomorrow is still a weekday - carpe diem!

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