Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 57: Wish

This morning starts with dropping my daughter off at school and heading to yoga with major bed head. I am happy to see that my yoga teacher has equally bad hair, and is too sleepy for contact lenses. By 9:15, we are in a state of peace and calm, as we take a little rest at the end. My funky yoga teacher sings and preaches, "Accept who you are, in the totality. There is nothing left to achieve." I wish.

As I drive back home, I am chased off the street by fire engines rushing from the adjacent village into ours. Two hills away from my house, above the school, a house is ablaze. Helicopters hover above to get an aerial shot. I am thankful that it has rained a lot recently.

Lunch in Sausalito with my friend. As I pull into the parking lot, I see a sign that says the restaurant is closed. As I sit in my car with my hand to my mouth, my friend strolls up to declare conspiracy, as this is the second time I do this. This must be karma. We go to the Chinese joint next door, and have a nice chat. My fortune cookie says, "You will never need to worry about a steady income." I wish.

In the evening, I go for a walk with Charlie in an attempt to dispose of some calories, and try out some new meditation skills. As I walk the open field, I spot a COYOTE in daylight, which I hear is dangerous. Who says nothing happens in the suburbs?

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