Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 42: Mountain goat

This morning, I take a walk with two moms in the neighborhood. Before heading down to the school bus stop, I think of all sorts of excuses to send along with my kids as to why I cannot make the walk. Since I cannot think of a credible one, I roll down the hill with my kids laughing at me. They board their buses, and now I find myself standing with two extremely fit, attractive women. The walk is not a leisurely walk. It is a full blown hike, the sort that mountain goats like. As I huff and I puff uphill, we chat about various things, although my words are exhaled through gritted teeth. I find that many women around my age are reflecting on their lives. Well educated, professional women who have spent the last decade and a half caring for their family at home are feeling unfulfilled. Women like me who have worked throughout are also feeling that something needs to change. And what do we all do? We write blogs about our experiences! This is very interesting. Women like to share with others- why? And why don't men like to share their thoughts, or do they? There should be an interesting psychology piece that can be written around this theme. Meanwhile, if I can keep this routine of walking the hills once a week, I feel that I may become stronger.

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