Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 40: Hare

On the radio, they were talking about things not to cut back on even in tough times. First on the list was "do not cut your own hair." Second was "do not neglect personal hygiene". Third was to "take care of your health." I have been guilty of the second taboo, but not for economic reasons. Today, I commit the first taboo. Even I know better than to do it to myself. I look up "how to trim a collie", and practice on Charlie. The result is interesting. I don't think I would pass as a professional groomer. He looks good in a hare-like way. In fact, if I put a pair of long ears on him, he would look like an overgrown hare.

I take care of my health by going to my annual check-up this morning. As I cross the Golden Gate Bridge, I hear a white van honking from behind. She is simultaneously waving her hand out of her window at the people in pink walking to fund raise for breast cancer. As I lag behind and follow her, I notice she honks and waves all the way across the bridge. The pink people wave back as they see her approach. What a beautiful way to share a common value. I read a book today about how happiness is good for your health. The radio says stress is bad for many things, one which is weight gain. Today, I make a vow to be happy and not stress, if I can help it. I hope Charlie feels the same.

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