Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 46: Saturday

The day starts with Yoga led by a funky Brit. This is quickly becoming a place for meditation, not unlike churches, mosques, temples, shrines, with the added benefit of some muscular flexibility. I feel calm and centered again. My love and I head home, prepare lunch and then heat up the hot tub. The Blue Angels are performing today. They start off by flying over the house and onto the bay. A few times, they pass nearby, but mostly, they look like dust specks, especially for people too vain to wear glasses when they should. In between losing them and confusing turkey buzzards for them, I train my psychic abilities. I am trying to guess how a certain apartment in Rome looked like in August 2008. I fail miserably. Today, Maxime says I am rather weird. Upon interogation, I find that I am weird, because most people don't try out their dreams, but I try all my dreams. I take this as the ultimate compliment. If there is one thing a parent can teach their children, it is the ability to keep on dreaming. Two hours of sitting in the hot tub, produces raisin-like toes. Just about now, I could use those dead skin nibbling fish that originate from Turkey. I wonder if they sell them at pet shops. They are probably just as good pets as Charlie, who has displayed rare talent in catching flies with his jaws.

In the late afternoon, we fight traffic as we head into the city to retrieve our violinist. This is the first time I see so many people in San Francisco. We find our son, then head to Clement Street to purchase fresh vegetable and other edibles. The Chinese stores are great. They have such variety in vegetable, some that I don't know how to call, but love to eat. We fill the batmobile with 3 big boxes full of food, and head home for dinner. Some trees are starting to color and shed their leaves, giving an autumn-like atmosphere to the neighborhood. A nice lazy Saturday evening.

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