Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 39: Full Moon

In Japan, we have a special full moon every year called "Jyugoya"- the 15th night. It falls on August 15 th of the lunar calendar, which is tomorrow night. I suppose the rising moon looks particularly big and bright this time of the year. In Japan, we make an event of this, and gaze at the moon in its full glory with good food and good drinks in hand.

I lunch with a photographer friend who is planning to take photos of the moon in the next few days, at its optimal brilliance. It is truly awesome to think of us on this planet for a short time, enjoying the universe as it presents its beauty. The little misunderstandings, frustrations and pains seem so, so tremendously small in the scheme of things. I imagine all animals (including slugs) pausing in the moonlight to offer a thought of gratitude to the universe.

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