Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 177 & 178: Emerson

The JETRO event was fun. Close to 300 people attended the clean tech event. Did you know that 40% of clean tech patents come from Japan? The common theme repeated at the event is that Japan is excellent in the technology side of things, but not in the marketing and business development side of things. This reminds me of business school. The Japanese who have so much knowledge, but very limited means of expressing and sharing this effectively. As I sit next to my classmate from business school,I realize that this is a theme that repeats itself. I remember being wowed at his delivery skills 15 years ago, and realize I am still wowed today. After the first panel session, Scott, raises his hand to ask a question. And how eloquently he does this! He states his name and affiliation, thanks the panelists and JETRO for the event, and then puts in a nice little advertizement for another classmate who has just published a book on solar energy, and proceeds to ask a question. Not an iota of brashness or sleeze. Pure elegance. It's like watching a perfect performance in figure skating at the Olympics.

Friday evening finds me in front of my PC on Skype again. 2 hours into the call, my new pink Blackberry pings me with a text message from Aya. Ah! I have an epiphany. I text her back for a nice chilled glass of wine. Ping! "Ya." Ping! "White?" Camille arrives with a glass of white wine. The tip is a piece of gum. Who needs an intercom, if you can text? Thank you Verizon for unlimited texting.

Saturday morning is for yoga. My husband and I drag our stiff bodies to class, and come out undulating flexibility. There is something to be said about good yoga instructors.

In between all this, I work on a few presentations. I hear commotion in the household as my husband decides to beautify the house all of a sudden. If you have ever read the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters, you will know Professor Emerson, the Father of Curses. My husband never curses, but in all other ways, he is like Emerson. Therefore, I ask my Ramses to close the door,and put earplugs in my ears as I work away.

I have put together a hobby site this week. Check it out if you can. Offer up a fairy story when you feel like it.

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