Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 168: Yuko

The highlight of my day is a visit from a college friend. It is quite frightening to think about how long we have known each other, but it is great to think how much we know about each other, too.

Funnily enough, Yuko is the reason why I find myself in finance today. She went to Columbia, I went to Stanford for business school. She was a year ahead of me. Being quantitative and smart, she landed a job in derivatives on Wall Street. I just wanted an excuse to visit her. So, I signed up for an interview in NY for a summer internship in derivatives. "Just say you love derivatives.", she told me the night before the interview. One thing led to another, and I landed a job in derivatives despite the fact that I am not that quantitative. Now I find myself a veteran in finance.

My first job out of business school, I started when I was 7 months pregnant with what has now become Aya. The first month on the job, I stayed at her apartment on Columbus Circle and had so much fun. On Saturday, she would run to get croissants for us. One day, we walked up and down Madison so much, that I almost delivered Aya 2 months ahead of time.

Throughout my career in NY, we would go for lunch to compare notes, celebrate triumphs, complain about work, and simply have fun. I don't miss New York, but I do miss not being able to see her as often.

Four and a half years back in the Bay Area have restored life in me, but New York doesn't seem as bad just about now.

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