Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 167: Maslow

I find my spirits restored after chopping vegetables and creating a new dish to go with the miso-marinated salmon tonight. I also re-arrange my orchids old and new and apply new methods to revive them thanks to the folks at the gardening store. I have renewed confidence in the fact that I was meant to be a lady of leisure. Simple things like gardening, cooking and generally making sure my family are well-fed and well taken care of, give me immense pleasure.

Life is interesting in how it twists and turns unexpectedly. I was chatting with someone in her mid-thirties recently. She has an infant and is hoping to have one or two more children. But, it's not easy as a working mother. I recall my mid-thirties. I felt older than I feel now. All bogged down with the physical, financial and emotional pressures of life. My late twenties were similar to that. I suspect it was motherhood and compounded motherhood that brought on pressure, fatigue, and subsequent growth. After dealing with physiological needs, I hope to have advanced to the self-actualization phase in Maslow's terms. But, life gyrates between the physiological and self-actualization needs. I hope to fulfill both.

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