Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 172 & 173:Ski Week

It's ski week here - a one week break so Californian kids can go to Tahoe, Aspen and Whistler to ski. Rather decadent.

My kids aren't going anywhere, as their parents are too busy working. Instead, the sun is out and we go swimming. Julien, who never takes a day off from school, has a high fever, as if on cue. Poor child. It seems that his body knows when school is off, and only then, does he get sick.

My partners are all working hard, carving away their already short sleep hours. I try to think strategically with the advantage of distance. What is our best strategy? How can I help from this side of the ocean? The first step is really hard for start ups. Once we get in the groove, it should be easier. I am in awe of the power, talent, and tenacity of my partners. One gold medal here, please.

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