Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 170:TGIF

Drive the "babies" to school - Freudian slip again, and miss the middle school turn (how can my baby daughter go to middle school?!). Loop around the hill to drop off 1 middle schooler. Drop off 1 elementary schooler with big trombone. Drop off batmobile at dealer for check up. Get a ride from husband, drop him off at office, zoom uphill, pat Charlie, go online for info requested by partner in Japan. Zoom up north in rain to Costco to pacify family ("Mommy, there is NO fruit, NO contact lense solution, NO lunch material, NO meat,NO Nequik, etc."). Screech into parking lot for a nice lunch with friends, stop by Trader Joe's for wine and orchid, unload van, pat Charlie, jump on Skype while sipping wine, ask questions that make people squirm, drink more wine, tumble into kitchen to prepare dinner, drink more wine, chat on Skype, send another email that will cause sensation, drink more wine.... duration 12 hours.


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