Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 171: Spring

It is only mid-February, but I greet lunch time in a tank top. This is why I love California. After a light paddle at the pool, we head out to Sausalito for lunch on the waterfront. The place is packed with people turning out to welcome spring.

In Tokyo, my partner is preparing to pitch a client for more business. In Vancouver, the winter Olympics have started. Funny how we live the same day differently.

In between chores, I translate a website into Japanese for my husband. The Japanese version is much shorter than the English, he says. True. The cultural differences between American and Japanese is interesting. A literal translation doesn't sit well in Japanese. What sounds like an assertive description of achievements and accomplishments in American English sounds so self-serving and arrogant in Japanese. This is why Google translation will never replace human translation.

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