Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 169: A Dog's Life

My dog is strange. Every morning I wake up, he is outside my bedroom door waiting for me to emerge. As I step out on the landing, he does a "cat cow" and then a pristine "down dog" and "up dog". Then, as I go downstairs to kiss my husband and the kids good morning, he sulks. Finally, when he gets his share of kisses, he looks content.

Charlie happens to be very handsome and good natured, but "working like a dog" to him, means very little. All day long, he sleeps or day dreams next to me. Sometimes, he comes to snuggle up, and give me a hug. He now even puts his paw on my lap to give me a kiss. In a couple of years, I have a feeling he may do the "two kiss" kiss French style, with a scarf around his neck. When I go on Skype to talk to my partners, Charlie joins in and groans.

I find him very cute, but am glad he is a dog. If Charlie were human, he would be in his 40's. He is very hairy, with whiskers around his mouth. He travels from leather couch to leather couch all day and night, leaving hair on the cushions. He never cooks, but is always there when you are enjoying a meal. He complains about his food. He is extremely jealous and possesive. He doesn't work for a living, and expects you to love him. If he were human, he would be absolutely intolerable.

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