Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 174: Fog Horns

Through the night and during the morning, the fog horns blow across the bay. As the sun rises over the East Bay, above the fluffy white fog, I feel like intoning "Ra!"

The kids entertain themselves with activities - walking the hills, peering into their computers, building a fort for their upcoming sleepover, chatting, swimming, going to the library... At the library, I borrow books on leadership, building a business, using the internet for business, etc. All these books that I used to shun as BORING, I now read for clues on how to do it better.

In the afternoon, our daily morning Skype turns into a 3 and a half hour discussion about transactions, strategies, and miscellaneous items. I wonder if this will be the future of businesses. Virtual communication amongst partners with the local touch for clients.

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