Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 158 & 159: Rugby and Traction

Sunday, Julien wakes me up before dawn so that I can drive him to the bus that takes him and his friends to Sacramento for a rugby tournament. He makes MVP for his game, but also manages to get a concussion. In the evening, I find myself in the ER. Luckily, he seems OK.

Monday. It's a dry day, sometimes sunny, sometimes overcast. I stay home all day, not stepping out once. After a morning call with my partner in Tokyo, I vacuum clean the house, do 6 loads(!) of laundry, iron some clothes, edit my newsletter, update the website, Skype with my partners in the evening, and cook dinner. This is becoming a routine. It seems like we are gaining some traction. We now talk about real deals and real business, not hypothetical ideas.

I am getting into experimenting with the social network on internet. It's a full time job to connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. I am curious to see how this parallel universe grows.

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