Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 162: Suu Kyi, the Dalai Lama and PJ

I am beginning to identify with someone under house arrest. My house is big, but I hardly venture out of my office/bedroom. All day long, I face my PC and periodically lift my eyes to look at the Golden Gate Bridge, which happens to be at eye level straight ahead of me. It'll be hard to find a corner office with a better view than mine. My office even comes with a bed!

Getting back to the topic of house arrest, I can see after years of confinement, one could start looking like cave woman. I admire Aung San Suu Kyi for many reasons, but right now, I admire her most for not puttering around home in her PJs all day long. After 14 years of exile, one with weaker willpower might resort to comfort clothes, but not she. Despite a leaky roof (, she always appears to be well dressed and well coiffed. I cannot say that about myself anymore.

Still, the rainfall around school bus time arouses even the hard core cave woman. I jump into my waterproof batmobile and zoom around town scooping up my offsprings, and fitting in grocery shopping at the same time. It shows how much of a recluse I have been. Safeway has a new self-checkout cashier! We try it out and find it easy to use. The only thing I don't know about is dishonesty. There is no way to check whether you have declared everything. Most people are honest, but even at the yoga studio (think His Holiness the Dalai Lama), there are thefts. Safeway is more at risk than the yoga studio, one would think.

Today, I send out an invoice for services (yes!), nudge payment for another invoice and deal with various homebound chores. I Skype with Japan, Ireland and Switzerland. There is a reason why I don't have video on my Skype, though.

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