Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 164 & 165: Super Bowl Sunday

The weekends no longer feels like weekends. Work continues with additional things to deal with because everyone is home. Saturday rains and Sunday shines. Julien has a permit, so he drives me around to deal with errands. In the do-it-yourself spirit, we go buy car wash material and wash the batmobile for the first time in months. It feels good to have the "green" wash material and buckets instead of driving into the car wash. I see visitors gathering at our neighbors'. All the wives are tall, slender, with long shiny hair from afar. I secretly regret having chosen to wash the car the very same afternoon in my ragged outfit. But, it's too late. I tell myself that beauty is only skin deep, and that work builds character.

To reward ourselves, Maxime and I drive down in the clean-looking batmobile and go for a dip at the pool. Now, we know why people are gathering. It's Super Bowl Sunday. I suppose we yet have to become American. Here they are - families eating burgers and drinking beer, all watching TV. My husband returns from the gym with local gossip. Super Bowl Sunday has a proven high wife beating frequency in the US. Sad.

Spring is in the air. Some of my kids have allergy. The tree flowers are out - pink and white plum and peach blossoms, and acacias. Soon enough, we'll have the dogwood and cherry blossoms as well. Tonight, as I sit in my tank top and ponder the severe storm on the East Coast, I can only thank my lucky stars.

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