Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 91: Living the good life twice

The world is round, which means I get to live November 25, 2009 twice. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself in Tokyo. Akemi and her family are so happy and complete together, that I feel an adopted child well accepted and well loved. I feel slightly sad as I leave her house.

We cab over to our first meeting at the Mandarin Oriental. Luckily, I have had two cups of strong coffee, and rise to the occasion to translate verbally and emotionally. The problem with two cups of strong coffee is that it encourages digestion. I am hungry! I steal a plate of cookies from my neighbor to fuel me on. We then zoom to Tokyo for a lunch with yet another friend. Alex is a Japanese francophile who is actually a French japanophile. I find it interesting that the waitress insists on speaking English to Alex, whose Japanese is just as good as mine, which is not without fault, but is generally regarded as high quality. This reminds me of the Brazilian lady I met at my son's college. She is third generation Japanese Brazilian. Integrating into Japan was harder for her than it was for her Portugese/French friend, because she looks Japanese but isn't. Spiritually, Alex is more Japanese than the biologically Japanese I am. It must be harder for him to be accepted. Intriguing....

On the bus and plane heading back to paradise, I embrace the land of nod as I have not done in a while. SFO is sunny and warm. Back near home, the first person who calls out to me is an ex-colleague and good friend wishing me a happy Thanksgiving from his steering wheel. I feel all the good karma flowing my way. Back home, Charlie and Maxime run up the stairs to embrace me. Maxime officially welcomes me home to paradise, which it is indeed.

In the evening, my husband and I catch a 15 lb turkey for tomorrow, and toast each other with a glass of wine. The turkey is brining for the big meal tomorrow.

Living the day twice is nice, when it's a day like today.

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