Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 82~84: Tokyo

Life in the big city is very different from Tiburon. First thing you notice, there are LOTS of people. The capital grows to 24 million people during the day. This means they are everywhere. And they are mostly very slim. I find out why. My friend, whose place I am monopolizing during this stay, has absolutely nothing in her house that would result in weight gain. I go through her fridge looking for butter, of which there is none. In the local grocery store, I find some butter, but it looks like a mini version of what we have at home. Even the bacon here is sliced thinner and has no fat. It would take a huge effort to become obese in this environment.

In the city, I walk around a lot. Instead of driving everywhere, I walk to the subway station and ride public transportation everywhere. My cell phone registers close to 10,000 paces a day.

The day goes by very quickly even though I sleep a couples of hours less than usual. I meet with friends and business acquaintances, who are sprawled all around town. Last night, I come home happy but sore in the calves. I immediately plop myself down on the floor in front the heater while my friend pours me tea and discusses plans for today. There is so much to do and so many people to meet in Tokyo.