Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 79: TGIF

I am my own administrative assistant, marketing person and legal counsel. For my trip to Japan, I order business cards, rush to Staples to get them, set up meetings, and read up on LLCs and C-Corps. It's actually fun, but not enough time to look pretty. At 11:15, I hop into the shower, and try to look decent before showing up for lunch with a friend. I zoom around town, pick up my two youngest kids and head to the doctor's. Fortunately, nothing is seriously wrong, but I feel the need to make sure, since I am away for a while. As I prepare dinner, I realize that one of my older kids is not home. I call, I text, I call, I call again....starting to panic, thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong. On the fifth call, Julien answers. He is in the city for his violin lesson, which has totally escaped my mind. Too many things to do, and the brain overflows.

So dinner comes, and we have our three wonderful friends drop in for a relaxed evening. After dinner, we look at our yearbook from fifteen years ago, and realize how we have matured. The good news is that we have retained our original shapes, and recognize ourselves in the photos.

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  1. Yes I know how having to much in the mind feels like. Although my brain overheats and reaches boiling level.