Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 80: The day before....

Drizzle and fog when I wake up. Yoga at 9:30 with my beloved. By the time we emerge, the sun is out and it's warm again. Lunch outside by the pool looking at the Bay.

I pack a whole suitcase full of books for my friend, whose house I will be squatting at in Tokyo. So many books that have given me food for thought over the years... They are like old friends.

Maxime bakes his second pound cake ever looking like a miniature Jacques Pepin. We all joke about the next 10 days of sausage and pasta dinners. Reality is that everyone in my family is a distinguished chef. I am sure they will dine well while I am gone. Even so, I see a pack of sausages defrosting in the fridge.

Speaking of which, I am starting to look forward to all the good food in Tokyo. Also, the culture that I usually don't miss but appreciate so much when I am there. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to get around town in many places. My French husband offers me a map of Tokyo, to which I take mild offense. "I know Tokyo like the back of my hand!!", I declare. We shall see if I really do. I wake up my firstborn to inform him of my imminent arrival. Jinsuke goes to college in Tokyo and is asleep at 10:30 on a Sunday morning. Despite the shock to his system, he reacts with impeccable good manners. If I get lost, he'll help me out, no doubt.

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