Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 81: Flight to Japan

19th is closed for road work, so the Marin Airporter takes me down on route 1, the scenic way to the airport. It is the first time I see lines at SFO to get through security. It takes close to an hour to get through. The flight is uneventful and quite pleasant. On the other side, a friend from business school is waiting for me. As he would say himself, he is a late bloomer in terms of finding his true love. Now, he is happily settled with a wonderful wife and two very cute little sons. I am careful not to spoil his reputation in front of his better half. I enjoy a very nice dinner with the entire family, and then hit the road again with my friend at the wheels. I am staying with a friend in Tokyo. Actually, I am evicting her from her apartment for the next 10 days, while she moves back in with her parents. I wonder why I have all these self-sacrificing friends around me. Whatever the reason, I am immensely grateful.

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  1. The roads are actually done today!