Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 68: Gon-chan

The days have fallen into a rhythm - time alone, and time with kids around. Time alone is not that long. This morning, I walk down the hill with the kids and climb back up with Charlie, which counts for 45 minutes of cardio activity.

The window guy comes for repairs and that's 30 minutes here and there of discussion. Watering and transplanting the orchids is another 30 minutes. Before you know it, lunch time is here. I toss a chop salad and then head out to pick my high schoolers up early for their physical check-up. As they lament the fact that they are middle of the pack on height, and lay blame on my genes, I tell them about my friend in high-school who used to be tiny, but drank milk all the time one year and grew a foot. The morals of Gon-chan work. Milk consumption has risen drastically this evening.

I work on my new business idea - which entails color markers and cutting and pasting arts and crafts style. I realize belatedly that I would have made an ideal trophy wife, had I followed Gon-chan's example in school. Now, half-a-foot too short to qualify, I potter around looking for the new opportunity.

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  1. I always am looking for arts and crafts things to do in my spare time, but I can never find a sensational good idea project, and every time I look on the net instead of finding a big list of things (which is what I'm looking for) I find a small list of projects that lead to project ideas that usually consist of something I don't have like corrugated cardboard, special art thing,or special markers.Help me out here!