Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 69: Gratitude

Now I know what people do when they don't go to the office. Everywhere I go, it feels like a special treat. But there they are, all my neighbors and friends!! They look like they have every right to be there (which they do). For me, it's still a great treat. Yoga in the morning, shopping at the local fabric store, pool in the early afternoon, driving around town mid-afternoon.... All this that I have missed out on for 15 years! Walking the kids to school, ambushing them on the way home, tossing laundry into the dryer during the day, meditating in the morning, picking ticks off of Charlie, getting locked out of my house and pottering around in my PJ's as my neighbors drive by at 9, being caught by the pool guy discussing various topics with Charlie, upgrading my software in the morning - ALL THIS STUFF IS AVAILABLE TO US!!! What a blessing to be able to experience this and to be grateful for this. If you ever find me taking all this for granted, I give you permission to grab me by the shoulders and shake me hard.

1 comment:

  1. I will take advantage of the permission you gave me mamita!