Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 89: Feet

Mt. Fuji is visible from Tokyo this morning. It's a crisp, clear winter day. It's also a holiday in Japan, and people are out strolling. My friend and I go for a couple of business meetings, and then for a foot massage. Pain is good as far as foot massage goes. My poor feet have been pounding the ground all over Tokyo these past few days, and feel all sore. Half an hour of kneading restores them to their normal shape. I head over to a friend's place and lie on her floor to watch TV. My friend is quite the celebrity, so I get to watch her on video as she explains what her company is all about. We then head over to another friend's for dinner, and cab our way home. This is the second time I take a cab this trip. I am proud about how frugal I have been. I imagine I have been kind to the earth as well.

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  1. Sounds like a movie setting or something! Sounds like life's treating you well.