Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 71: Scatter

Maxime is sick again today. We spend the morning experimenting with more wrap-a-bags and fabric printing paper. Fabrics that were purchased for a purpose half a decade ago, now come to shine. He now has his very own wrap-a-bag to take to his friend's birthday party Saturday. 2 o'clock comes and goes, 2 o'clock being the ideal time for me to do some laps at the pool. I have discovered there is a site that allows non-tech people like me to make multi-lingual websites. I chat live with Mark, the wonderful tech person in San Jose, while Maxime chirps philosophy into my left ear. 4 o'clock rolls by and I whiz down the hill to UPS a car key to my uncle-in-law in France, so that he can go get some croissant in the morning. Then, I think perhaps he would like a prototype wrap-a-bag, and climb back up the hill to fetch one. As I reach the UPS store, I find I have left the car key behind!!! No meditation, no pool, no yoga, and here I am. All tatters and scatter brain. I pick up my husband at the office and climb back uphill. As he fills a glass of Bordeaux and hops on a conference call, I fill up on Pouilly Fume and cook dinner. Life is good. Tomorrow, I plan to catch up on yoga and pool. Meanwhile, tonight I shall meditate a little.

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  1. I was not chirping! I protest to that word that makes me seem like a bird! Hey, everyone, feel free to add little snippits of your thoughts too. Im feeling a little alone here!