Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 78: Yakisoba and Ratatouille

I know you are wondering what exciting things happened today, after the skunk event yesterday. The reality is that it was quite peaceful. I speak with my friend in Tokyo while I mouth "good bye, have a nice day" to my kids in the morning. I email here and there while nibbling until 10:30 when I really get hungry and wolf down some leftovers with Charlie. I then jump into my batmobile to go find some books to take to Japan. It's already 2:30. I feel agitated, most likely because I am gearing up to leave home and my family (sad), while looking forward to seeing family and friends in Japan (great!). So, at 4:30, I am at yoga, downdogging and updogging. I feel more centered now. I cook dinner for tonight and tomorrow (menu featured in today's title) with the help of my kids, and drag down books from the bookshelves to bring to my friend in Japan - books that were interesting, but not heartwrenching to part with.

I am so fortunate to have friends everywhere. Just today, I speak and email with friends and family in the US, Japan, France, Switzerland, the UK, Korea... I don't write this to brag. It truly feels like one of the things that modern day life makes possible. Together we are strong and fuller.

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  1. Yes we all are stronger together!