Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 88: Lucky 8

8 is a lucky number in Japan. Today is therefore double-luck day. My son Jinsuke is a freshman in college, and today is his college festival. I am invited to go see a play called Satellite Blues. Thinking back on when I was his age, I don't think I would have invited my parents. I feel extremely fortunate that he doesn't mind. After the show, I am introduced to his friends and some of their parents. We walk around campus, where Jinsuke seems to know everyone. He introduces me to one and all, and I am impressed at how well behaved and open-minded they all seem to be. These young people are the future elites of Japan. It's encouraging to think that they may change Japan for the better.


  1. What was the play about? Was it good? Also check out my comments from Day 78 to today or tommorow, depending when or if you read this. I'll post this again tommorow to make sure you read this(if you already did send me an email)