Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 75: Monday Frenzy

On Monday mornings, highway patrol is rumored to go weaving between traffic lanes so that all the agitated drivers slow down. Everyone wants to get ahead on Mondays, to get a head start. We are all aggressive animals.

This morning, I too, join the crowd. I drop my corrupted external hard drive off at UPS, go rushing to Costco so that I can feed the beasts again this week, while chatting with someone in New York. After I gobble down lunch, I live chat with my friend Mark at I see Nancy has also jumped on. I visualize them throwing murderous looks at each other over the cubicle divider and fighting for the opportunity to help me. Mark wins, and now I have a nice Japanese website, too. I feel so uber-self-sufficient to have achieved this, although in fact, it's not me, but Mark who does the heavy lifting.

I have pressure cooked the sweet potato and artichoke (again), and have produced a nice soup with the chicken carcass from last night. The sun is starting to set, so I think I'll just nip down for a quick few laps at the pool.

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