Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 67: November

It's the first Sunday of November, and time has slipped back an hour again. It's another gorgeous weekend here in paradise. In between chauffeuring the kids here and there, we go for laps at the local outdoors pool. The heated water and warm air trick me in to thinking it's May.

But the night sets early. My boeuf bourguignon is smelling really good just about now. It requires another 3 hours to be excellent, but one cannot wait. We tackle the dish after an artichoke appetizer. My husband lectures how the beginning of the week in any country but the US (meaning France) is Monday. He also reminds us that Canada borders two countries: the US and France. There is a Pluto-like fishing village called St. Pierre et Miquelon which belongs to la France. It must be my boeuf bourguignon that invokes patriotism all of a sudden.

Today, while folding laundry, I think of another business line! If you see the brand "Aya*Camille", think of me. I am so confident of its success, that I am planning to rent a pied-a-terre in Tokyo. Next year this time, the Bay Area will be buzzing with Aya*Camille.

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  1. Yup. Aya camille shoes t shirts furshiki hankerchiefs. And you watching the aya camille flourish from the island paradise you own!