Sunday, December 20, 2009

Days 116 & 117: Jigsaw Puzzle

Every year around this time, our family works on jigsaw puzzles. 500 pieces are for warm up, 1000 for fun, and 2000 piece puzzles are the climax as we welcome Christmas and the New Year. This year, I have changed my method: instead of randomly guessing, I have categorized by color and by sub-color. I hear there are people who come to your house to organize clutter for you. Jigsaw categorization is somewhat like this. I ask Camille how she would feel if she had a job like that. She responds by saying that it wouldn't be her first choice, but if that were the only job, sure, why not? At the recycling center, the people sort plastic into Type 1 and 2, and others as the trash travels on a belt conveyor. I bet they are pretty good at jigsaw puzzles.

This morning, my husband and I go to the pool to stretch our muscles that are tense from yesterday's yoga. I see my neighbors: Jackie has MS, and swimming is about the only way she can exercise. Ron is always there for her, and together, they are a wonderful couple, celebrating the good life they have had together. Every time I see them, I am in awe of their good attitude towards life, and feel incredibly fortunate to be healthy and happy.

Last night, I dream about snakes and slugs. Ironically, the stage is set at my old office with some old colleagues acting unnervingly realistically. I wonder whether there is any significance in the combination. The brain is interesting. It holds clues of information and sets them in place like a jigsaw puzzle, when the time comes. They say people with brain damage on their left side exhibit striking intuition and talent. Dreams seem to have the same effect, sometimes.

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