Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 106: Dedication

My first physical therapy session is mostly Q&A, but I do come home with a few exercises to do. My lumbar is getting intensive attention, what with yoga yesterday and exercises today. I skip the pool to give my body some relief.

To tell the truth, I don't quite know where the day went. I chatted with a couple of friends in NY, and with my business partner and good friend in Tokyo while making an cream sauce, chicken, peppers and zucchini, shallot gratin with potatoes to accompany. I may have poured a glass too many, as my face flares up. I now dilute with Oolong peach tea, to prepare myself for the school concert. Camille (and the frilly blouse, my black socks and my black pair of shoes) perform in the flute section. Luckily, my daughters and I are around the same height (I am now the shortest). I find some of my nicer things lost for days until they show up in the laundry.

In any event, the sun has set, dinner is cooking, and I am off to the concert on a cold (really cold!) night. Back from the concert, I again marvel at the dedication of parents who sit through these evening concerts despite their exhaustion and stress of daily life. I have also confirmed that I have the smallest and daintiest feet among the female tribal members. Proof of this is that Camille refused to walk the last few steps to the car in my shoes, while earlier on, she was swimming in Aya's pair.

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