Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 122: Ho ho ho!

As the sun rises over the East Bay at 7 a.m., the children open their Christmas gifts, which are smaller than usual and come in wrap-a-bags sewn by . Santa is a quick study to have caught onto green wrapping.

At noon, we toast to each other with champagne and cranberry/pelligrino. As I write at 4:30 in the afternoon, the sun is starting to set over Sausalito. The tribe has left for a walk down the hill, leaving me alone to meditate and savor my good fortune.

When I was Camille's age(11), I played a little game of squeezing my wrist and seeing how many bumps would show. This was supposed to show how many kids I would have when I grew up. 5 bumps showed and now I have five kids.

When I was Jinsuke's age (19) and working as a translator with a cable TV station, I told my boss that I was retiring at age 40. He was the kindest boss I have ever had. He laughed at me kindly then, and is probably still laughing at me kindly.

4o was a special milestone for me when I was twenty. It was far away in the future, but I wanted to look at my life at 40 and be satisfied.

Now, at 21+, life is good. I have big, heavy, deep regrets. But, I have huge, profound happiness, too. Live and learn.

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